Friday, April 29, 2016

Malaysia Airlines announces brand new look for Golden Lounges

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airlines Bhd (MAS) has extensively redesigned its Golden Lounges to offer guests an exciting new pre-flight experience.

Chief Commercial Officer Paul Simmons said the new design combines elements that are uniquely Malaysian with modern functionality for a truly enhanced travel experience.

"We want the space to encapsulate the richness of travel with the airline, a luxurious contemporary Malaysian style that our guests will be able to experience when they enter any MAS Golden Lounge around the world.

"We are extremely excited about the project which marks the next phase of an exciting products and services roll-out to provide our customers with an enhanced travel experience," he said in a statement today.

The key feature of the new Golden Lounge is a demonstration kitchen concept, allowing guests to interact with chefs, which will be a focal point for an upgraded offering of Malaysian and international gourmet specialties.

Guests will have the option to indulge in a bistro service or have a quick snack on-the-go, with the additional option of a fine dining experience in the First Class Lounge.

The improvements also entail an upgrade to WiFi services to enable faster speeds along with the addition of universal power sockets for the convenience of guests.

The new features, expected be available in late 2016, will begin with the regional and domestic lounges at KL International Airport (KLIA).

This will be followed by the Business and First class lounges at the KLIA Satellite terminal and London Heathrow, expected to be completed by mid-2017.

Source: Bernama | Business | 29 Apr. 2016

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Lapangan Terbang Miri dinaik taraf dengan kos RM285 juta

Pesawat-pesawat MASWing yang mengendalikan operasi penerbangan RAS berpusat di Lapangan Terbang Miri di Sarawak.
KUALA LUMPUR: Lapangan Terbang Miri di Sarawak akan dinaik taraf me­libatkan kos berjumlah RM285 juta bagi memenuhi trend penum­pang trafik yang semakin meningkat.

Menteri Pengangkutan, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai berkata, cadangan tersebut telah disenaraikan sebagai antara projek yang diberi keutamaan akan dilaksanakan di bawah pelan kedua Rancangan Malaysia ke-11 (RMK-11) pada 2017.

Katanya, kementerian perlu me­ngemukakan cadangan ber­kenaan kerana lapangan tersebut digunakan untuk hab Perkhidmatan Udara Luar Bandar (RAS).

Tambah beliau, keputusan itu dibuat berikutan siapnya pe­nyambungan laluan kapal terbang melibatkan kos RM68 juta.

Malah, ujar Tiong Lai, lapangan tersebut merupakan yang kedua pa­ling sibuk di Sarawak yang merekodkan 2.3 juta penum­pang pada 2015 hingga me­lebihi kapasiti muatan penumpang sebanyak dua juta setahun.

“Demi kepentingan rakyat dan pelancong, kerajaan membuat ke­putusan untuk menaik taraf La­pangan Terbang Miri bagi meme­nuhi jumlah penumpang trafik yang semakin meningkat,” katanya di Miri hari ini.

Beliau memberitahu, usaha tersebut adalah tambahan kepada RM700 juta yang diperuntukkan untuk kerja-kerja mendalamkan Sungai Sarawak bagi meningkatkan kapasiti Pelabuhan Kuching, membina Lapangan Terbang Mukah yang baharu bagi menggantikan kawasan berlepas dan mendarat yang pendek dan menaik taraf kemudahan di Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuching.

“Infrastruktur pengangkutan mem­punyai kapasiti untuk menggerakkan perniagaan dan orang ramai, meningkatkan ekonomi dan juga pembangunan sosial. Dalam aspek ini, kami amat mengambil kira keperluan pembangunan infrastruktur yang bergerak seiring dengan pertumbuhan.

“Pelaburan kerajaan berorientasikan rakyat di Sarawak bertujuan untuk menghasilkan pertumbuhan yang mapan dan inklusif. Dalam usaha untuk menjadikan Malaysia mencapai status negara maju, maka adalah penting supaya infrastruktur pengangkutan kita bertaraf dunia,” katanya.

Dalam pada itu, dalam ucapan pelancarannya, beliau berkata, kerajaan bersetuju menaikkan subsidi untuk RAS daripada RM160 juta kepada RM190 juta setiap tahun bermula 2018.

Beliau berkata, Maswings Sdn. Bhd. sekarang mengendalikan lebih 500 penerbangan secara mingguan ke 49 destinasi RAS,” katanya.

Sumber: Utusan Malaysia | Ekonomi | 22 Apr. 2016 | Terbitan 23 Apr. 2016

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Licence will be cancelled if DCA not satisfied with Rayani Air's explanation - Liow

ALOR GAJAH: The air service licence and air operator certificate of Malaysia's first Syariah-compliant airline, Rayani Air, will be cancelled if the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) is not satisfied with the explanation and information on the company's operations, said Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

He said the action would take into consideration various factors including the capability of the company to continue operations.

"We are still giving Rayani Air an opportunity to explain to the DCA on the issues that cropped up during its entire three-month operation before taking any further action.

"Currently we are still holding hearings with Rayani Air and so far we have not obtained further information on any action against the company," he told reporters after launching of MCA's Karnival Teguh Bersama' (Stronger Together Carnival) at Machap Baru here Saturday.

He was asked to comment on the temporary suspension of air operator certificate (AOC) of Rayani Air for three months effective April 11.

The DCA issued the temporary suspension after the company which began operations in December announced suspending its flight operations without the approval of DCA on April 8.

On the failure of Rayani Air to settle the salary arrears of employees, Liow said the complaint could be channeled to the Industrial Relations Department to protect the rights of workers.

He said employees of the company were entitled to take legal action if a settlement could not be reach with the employer to settle their salary arrears.

In other developments, Liow said Malaysia, Australia and China were committed to continue the search for MH370 until the entire 120,000 sq kilometre area in the Indian Ocean had been covered.

"I have directed the technical committee to continue holding meetings with the three countries to expedite the search for MH370 and the operation has also received the support and assistance of Mozambique and South Africa," he said.

Meanwhile, on the carnival, Liow said the programme was drawn up to reach out to the people who are facing rising cost of living.

He said the programme was to provide a platform to channel information to the grassroots on all facilities provided by the government in all fields such as economy, education and social.

"Many people, especially the Chinese are not aware MCA had implemented various programmes in education such as UTAR (Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman), Institut VTAR dan CECE (Childhood Education Studies and Community Education)," he said.

Source: Bernama | 23 Apr. 2016

Transport Ministry mulls upgrade to Miri Airport's status

MIRI: The Transport Ministry is planning to upgrade Miri Airport to international status.

This is in view of an increase in the number of passengers and international flights using the facility.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said for start, the ministry would expand Miri Airport to handle four million passengers annually, at a cost of about RM285 million.

"The proposed project is awaiting approval from the Finance Ministry and given the greenlight, it would be implemented next year," he told reporters here today.

He had earlier launched a RM68 million apron expansion and provision of covered walkways at Miri Airport. The work was completed in February this year.

Liow said Miri Airport was designed to handle two million passengers, but last year, exceeded the capacity with 2.3 million using it.

"Upgrading Miri Airport to the Miri International Airport is not much of a problem as it has several features to be one, like immigration counters and flights coming in from Singapore," he added.

He said a key feature that needed improvement would be separate departure and arrival halls which the airport does not currently have.

Liow said the ministry had to address the expansion proposal urgently as the airport is also being used as hub for the Rural Air Services (RAS).

Meanwhile, in his speech at the launch, he said, the government had agreed to raise the subsidy for the Rural Air Services (RAS) from RM160 million to RM190 million annually from 2018.

He said Maswings Sdn Bhd now handled more than 500 flights weekly to 49 destinations for the RAS.

Source: Bernama | 22 Apr. 2016

MAHB hopes to attract more Pakistani travellers this year

SEPANG: Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) hopes to attract a significant number of Pakistani travellers this year, said its Chief Operating Officer, Datuk Abd Hamid Mohd Ali.

Abdul Hamid said last year there were 66,400 tourists.

He said this at the welcoming ceremony for the inaugural flight of Shaheen Air, a private Pakistani carrier, at the KL International Airport (KLIA) here today.

The Airbus A330-200 aircraft landed at KLIA at 10am, with 265 passengers, including Malaysia's High Commissioner to Pakistan, Datuk Dr Hasrul Sani Mujtabar.

More than 100 passengers left Kuala Lumpur for Karachi on the return trip.

Meanwhile, Shaheen Air Deputy Managing Director, Faisal Rafique, said the airline would fly to new destinations and increase its fleet to 35 aircraft from 25, by 2017.

"We have started flights to Kuala Lumpur today and to Bangkok in May. We will be expanding flights to other destinations, including Shanghai and a few more," he said, adding the airline would be flying to 15 international destinations.

He said direct flights would strengthen people-to-people and business-to-business ties between the two countries.

Faisal said the airline was also targeting some additional 25,000 visitors from Pakistan to visit Malaysia per year.

"In recent years, Malaysia has been quite a popular destination for the Pakistanis, as such we feel that we will be fulfiling a strong market demand.

"We hope that this route will serve as an 'air bridge' for further development of long-term friendly relations between Pakistan and Malaysia in the fields of trade, investment and tourism," he said.

Faisal, who is also Chief Commercial Officer of Shaheen Air, said in a bid to increase traffic and usage for Kuala Lumpur's travellers, the airline would offer return ticket at US$400 inclusive of free visa services.

Besides Shaheen Air, Pakistan International Airlines and Malindo Air also offer four-time weekly and twice weekly flights on the Kuala Lumpur-Lahore route.

Source: Bernama | 22 Apr. 2016

Friday, April 22, 2016

Liow: Miri Airport extension completed to handle rising passenger traffic

Miri Airport in the northern region of Sarawak. 
PETALING JAYA: The Transport Ministry has announced the completion of the extension project of the apron and taxiway at Miri Airport.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai (pic)said the airport had 2.3 million passengers last year, exceeding its annual capacity of two million passengers.

“In the interest of the rakyat and for the comfort of travellers, the Government decided to upgrade the airport to accommodate this growing trend in passenger traffic,” he said in a statement on Friday.

The extension project cost about RM68mil. Liow said the ministry has proposed further expansion and upgrading work to be undertaken at the airport.

“The proposal is on the priority list for projects to be undertaken in the Second Rolling Plan of the 11th Malaysia Plan in 2017,” he said. He added that the proposal is expected to cost at total of about RM285mil.

These efforts, he said, are in addition to the RM700mil enhancement to Kuching Port’s capacity, the construction of the new Mukah Airport to replace the existing STOLport (short take-off and landing port) as well as the upgrading of facilities at Kuching International Airport.

In order for Malaysia to achieve fully developed nation status, it is integral for our transport infrastructure to be world-class,” said Liow.

Source: The Star | Nation | 22 Apr. 2016

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Airasia Travel Fair offers best deals for Sarawakians, Sabahans

KUALA LUMPUR: The AirAsia Travel Fair (AATF) 2016 kicks off in Kuching today before making its appearance in Miri, Kota Kinabalu and Tawau.

In a statement today, AirAsia Bhd said in conjunction with its launch in Kuching, visitors would enjoy special promotions available exclusively at the fair from 10 am to 10 pm today and tomorrow.

The promotions comprise an additional RM200 off flight bookings from Kuching to Singapore when they purchase two seats, as well as buy one free one for flights from Kuala Lumpur to Perth.

The visitors will also get a 20 per cent discount on all AirAsia and Asia X flights.

The AATF, which is in its third year, will also be held at the Bintang MegaMall, Miri from April 23-24, the Imago Shopping Mall, Kota Kinabalu (April 30-May 1), and Eastern Plaza, Tawau (May 7-8).

The fair features 14 booths at each venue with travel deals and prizes such as free flights and AirAsia BIG points to be given away, apart from interactive activities such as lucky draw, contests, games and cultural performances.

AirAsia currently flies to nine destinations from Kuching with a total 388 weekly flights both ways.

The destinations are Miri, Sibu, Bintulu, Kota Kinabalu, Johor Bahru, Kota Bharu, Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Source: Bernama | Business | 16 Apr. 2016

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Firefly tawar promosi tambang istimewa bagi laluan Kota Bharu - Pulau Langkawi

KUALA LUMPUR: Syarikat penerbangan Firefly menawarkan promosi tambang istimewa bagi laluan Kota Bharu - Pulau Langkawi (KBR-LGK) dari sekarang sehingga 17 April 2016.

Tawaran tambang RM99.00 sehala bagi semua tempat duduk dan penerbangan untuk perjalanan dari 19 - 26 April 2016. 

Untuk maklumat lanjut dan tempahan tiket, sila layari laman sesawang

Sumber: Kota Bharu Airport |

Seven Malaysian airlines set up new association

KUALA LUMPUR: Seven Malaysian airlines have joined forces to form the Association of Malaysian Air Carriers (AMAC).

Subject to the approvals from the respective boards and Registrar of Society, the founding airlines of this association are Malaysia Airlines Bhd, MASwings, Firefly, AirAsia Bhd, AirAsia X Bhd, Malindo Air, and Berjaya Air.

The association is open to all Malaysian air carriers. The purpose of AMAC is to provide a common platform to discuss issues affecting the industry, Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia said in statement today.

With all the main operators represented, the association will ensure one voice for the airline industry while representing common industry interests among institutions such as the Ministry of Transport, Department of Civil Aviation and the Malaysian Aviation Commission.

AMAC will engage in subjects such as enhanced air traffic control services, aeropolitical concerns, safety and security standards in airports, charging regimes, and other related issues.

By joining forces, the association will also promote healthier growth for the industry and create highly qualified jobs, both directly and indirectly, for the sector and the broader aviation eco-system.

Source: Bernama | 14 Apr. 2016

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Turkish Airlines to up flight frequency for KL-Istanbul route from June 1

KUALA LUMPUR: Turkish Airlines, Turkey's national flag carrier, will increase its flight frequency from Kuala Lumpur (KL) to Istanbul to 14 times weekly from the current 10 times weekly, beginning June 1 this year.

Turkish Airlines Inc, General Manager (M) Osman Safak Kucukcolak said the additional flights were to cater to the needs of Malaysian and foreign tourists flying to Istanbul as well as other European countries via KL.

"We are adding more flights as we believe that Malaysia is one of the powerful countries in ASEAN.

"We have a really strong network in Europe. (We can connect) people who want to fly to Malaysia, and gather them in Istanbul. With our supporting directories in the region, we will have no problem loading our aircraft," he told Bernama.

To celebrate the additional frequencies, Osman Safak said Turkish Airlines would offer promotional fares in June and July 2016 for one-way trips to major European cities including London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and others.

The airline would also offer promotions for business class seats, he said.

Turkish Airlines started operations in Malaysia in April 2013, with introductory round trip flights three times per week on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Given the tremendous demand, Osman Safak said the airline's business in Malaysia remained robust and it was eyeing for more expansion in the future.

"We're investing here as we believe in our future in Malaysia. We are able to bring more passengers to Europe. So that's why Malaysia is so important to us.

"Until now (the business is) doing very well. We believe we can do more in the future, but at the moment we are only increasing the flight frequency," he said, adding the airline currently deploys a brand new 289-seater Airbus 330 aircraft on the KL-Istanbul route.

Turkish Airlines, among the youngest fleets in Europe, has been awarded the Best Airline Europe by Skytrax for the last five consecutive years.

The airline aims to increase its number of passengers to 120 million in 2023 from the current 60 million, and the number of aircraft from 300 to more than 500.

Source: Bernama | Business | 13 Apr. 2016

Unhappy Rayani Air customers storm airline office

SHAH ALAM: You would think they were lining up for the latest smartphone but the line snaking up a second-storey shoplot here saw only fuming customers.

A total of 600 customers flooded the Rayani Air headquarters in Section 15 here yesterday, according to the airline.

Customers, who now have to find new ways to get to their destinations after the airline was given a three-month suspension, were here to claim their refunds.

Some were lucky enough to find chairs and tables to fill in their forms inside Rayani’s small office, while others had to make do with the cement steps outside the second floor office.

However, all those who spoke to The Star said they were satisfied with the airline staff’s service on the refund matter.

“They were very apologetic,” said a police officer known as Safuan.

He had booked a ticket to fly home to Kota Kinabalu for the Raya holidays and said he may have to wait 20-days for the airline to refund him.

“They were very patient and understanding. But if you ask me whether I want to fly with them again, probably not. They have caused me a lot of trouble,” he said.

This is the third time customer Fazlee Abdullah has had to meet with the airline’s service staff over problems with his flight.

However, he said he was willing to give them another chance. “They are new, so maybe we have to understand,” he said.

Nik Azida Nik Mahmood from Kelantan was livid, claiming that the customer service here would not refund her RM750 tickets in cash as promised earlier.

“They said in the news I could get my refund in cash but now I have to wait for 30 days for them to transfer it into my bank account,” she said.
Source: The Star Online | Nation | 13 Apr. 2016

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Indonesia AirAsia flight lands without luggage

PETALING: Passengers on Indonesia AirAsia Flight QZ535 from Perth, Australia, arrived in Denpasar in Bali on Saturday to discover the airline had unloaded most of their luggage in order to comply with weight restrictions.

In a statement on Monday, Indonesia AirAsia explained that the luggage was taken down because a runway closure had forced the flight to take off from a shorter runway.

"AirAsia would like to inform that due to runway closure at Perth Airport on April 9, 2016, Flight QZ535 departed Perth for Denpasar from a shorter runway.

"In order to account for weight restrictions, 104 pieces of check-in baggage was offloaded from the aircraft prior to departure," said the statement.

It was reported that the passengers were not informed that their luggage was removed and only discovered what had happened at the airport in Denpasar.

The statement added that the luggage was loaded onto another flight the same day and was delivered to the passengers early Sunday.

Source: The Star Online | Nation | 11 Apr. 2016

Monday, April 11, 2016

Malaysia Airlines tawar pilihan perjalanan kepada penumpang Rayani Air

KUALA LUMPUR: Penumpang yang memegang tiket perjalanan Rayani Air boleh menempah semula penerbangan mereka yang telah dibatalkan melalui Malaysia Airlines.

Syarikat penerbangan nasional itu kini menawarkan harga tambang dengan diskaun kepada penumpang Rayani Air yang terjejas susulan penggantungan operasi syarikat berkenaan.

Tawaran tambang itu boleh didapati mulai hari ini sehingga 30 April, 2016 bagi perjalanan segera sehingga 31 Julai, 2016, menurut Malaysia Airlines dalam satu kenyataan di sini, Isnin.

Ketua Pegawai Komersial, Paul Simmons berkata sebagai syarikat penerbangan nasional dan atas rasa mengambil berat terhadap rakyat Malaysia, adalah menjadi tanggungjawab syarikat itu untuk memberi sebarang bantuan bagi mengurangkan beban yang menjejaskan penumpang Rayani Air.

"Dalam hal ini, kami menawarkan tambang istimewa kepada penumpang yang terjejas untuk membawa mereka ke destinasi yang dihasratkan. Kami berharap tawaran ini akan meringankan masalah perjalanan yang dihadapi penumpang," katanya.

Bagi menikmati tambang istimewa ini, penumpang yang terjejas perlu mengemukakan emel mereka berkenaan bukti tempahan perjalanan dengan Rayani Air.

Mereka boleh menghubungi 1-300-88-3000 atau lawati kaunter tiket Malaysia Airlines di seluruh negara.

Sumber: mStar Online | 11 Apr. 2016

AirAsia tawar diskaun tambang untuk penumpang Rayani Air

KUALA LUMPUR: Syarikat penerbangan AirAsia kini menawarkan tambang pada potongan harga 50 peratus untuk penumpang Rayani Air yang terjejas berikutan penggantungan operasi syarikat berkenaan.

Dalam satu kenyataan pada Isnin, syarikat tambang rendah itu berkata tawaran berkenaan melibatkan penerbangan bagi destinasi ke dan dari Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, Kota Bharu, Kuching serta Kota Kinabalu untuk tempoh perjalanan mulai hari ini hingga 27 April 2016.

Ia bagaimanapun khusus untuk semua penumpang Rayani Air yang memiliki tempahan penerbangan yang sudah disahkan.

Penumpang terbabit boleh mengemukakan tempahan itu di Pusat Perjalanan dan Perkhidmatan AirAsia di Terminal KLIA 2 (Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur), Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Langkawi, Lapangan Terbang Sultan Ismail Petra (Kota Bharu), Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuching dan Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kota Kinabalu.

"Kami amat bersimpati dengan kesemua penumpang Rayani Air yang terjejas ini. Kami berharap pemberian diskaun ini dapat membantu mereka membuat urusan perjalanan baharu, terutamanya menerusi kekerapan penerbangan kami di semua destinasi terlibat," kata Ketua Komersial AirAsia, Spencer Lee.

AirAsia mengendalikan sejumlah 11 penerbangan sehari masing-masing dari Kuala Lumpur ke Langkawi serta Kuala Lumpur ke Kuching; lapan penerbangan sehari masing-masing dari Kuala Lumpur ke Kota Bharu dan Kuala Lumpur ke Kota Kinabalu serta tiga penerbangan sehari dari Kota Kinabalu ke Kuching.

Sumber: mStar Online | 11 Apr. 2016

MAS, AirAsia step in to help Rayani Air passengers

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and AirAsia are stepping in to help Rayani Air passengers who were affected by the airline's recent suspension. 

The national carrier is offering to transfer stranded passengers at discounted fares. These fares are available from Monday until April 30 for immediate travel until July 31 this year, said MAS in a statement here Monday.

MAS chief commercial officer Paul Simmons said as national carrier, it had the duty to extend its assistance to ease the burden of Rayani Air passengers.

"In this case, we are offering affected passengers special fares to connect them to their intended destinations. We hope this offer will help alleviate the passengers' travel woes," he said.

To take advantage of the special fares, passengers will need to present their emails on proof of Rayani Air travel bookings.

Passengers can call 1-300-88-3000 or visit any MAS ticket counters nationwide. 

Meanwhile, Rayani Air passengers will be able to get a 50% discount from AirAsia. The offer applies to those travelling to and from Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, Kota Bharu, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.

The travel period is from Monday until April 27. The discount is applicable to passengers who hold a confirmed flight booking.

"They can approach any of our AirAsia travel and service centres at the listed airports, and our service agents will assist them accordingly with the new flight bookings," said AirAsia Berhad commercial head Spencer Lee.

The listed airports are KLIA2 (Kuala Lumpur), Langkawi International Airport, Sultan Ismail Petra Airport (Kota Bharu), Kuching International Airport and Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

"We empathise with all the affected Rayani Air passengers and we hope that this 50% discount will help them to make new travel arrangements," said Lee. 

Source: Bernama | 11 Apr. 2016

Cerita mogok hanya rekaan pengurusan Rayani Air?

KUALA LUMPUR: Tindakan pengurusan Rayani Air yang menggantung operasinya berkuat kuasa serta-merta Jumaat lalu tanpa notis awal dipersoalkan kakitangan syarikat pe­nerbangan patuh syariah itu.

Kakitangan syarikat tersebut juga mendakwa, tiada kakita­ngan baik juruterbang sehingga ke bahagian operasi Rayani Air melancarkan mogok sehingga menjejaskan operasi syarikat itu seperti yang didakwa pemiliknya, A. Ravi.

Seorang kakitangan berkata, kesemua juruterbang syarikat tersebut seramai enam orang, dua pembantu juruterbang serta lapan juruterbang kadet sehingga kini berada di dalam keadaan stand-by dan tidak berlaku mogok seperti yang didakwa oleh Ravi.

Jelasnya, pada Jumaat lalu pihak pengurusan syarikat sebenarnya telah menghantar e-mel kepada semua ketua jabatan yang memaklumkan bahawa syarikat menggantung operasi berkuat kuasa serta-merta.

“Keputusan tersebut dibuat sendiri oleh pengurusan tertinggi tanpa memaklumkan terlebih dahulu kepada kakitangan ataupun Jabatan Penerbangan Awam (DCA) serta Kementerian Pengangkutan.

Bagaimana nak terbangkan pesawat apabila syarikat sendiri yang menggantung operasi. Tiada mogok berlaku dan tiada siapa yang sabotaj syarikat seperti yang didakwa Ravi,” katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

Menurut kakitangan tersebut, Ravi perlu mengambil tanggungjawab dengan tidak melarikan diri dan menjelaskan kepada semua pihak apa sebenarnya yang telah berlaku kepada syarikat tersebut.

“Dia sepatutnya berjumpa dulu dengan kakitangan sebelum membuat apa-apa keputusan, kami cabar dia tampil secara bersemuka dengan pekerja di depan pihak media untuk jelaskan apa yang berlaku,” jelasnya.

Dalam pada itu, seorang lagi kakitangan Rayani Air berkata, sehingga kini gaji bulan Mac yang sepatutnya dibayar kepada semua kakitangan pada 28 Mac lalu masih tertunggak.

“Bayangkan pihak syarikat berjanji ingin membayar gaji pekerja pada 28 Mac, kemudian dia kata akan bayar pada 1 April, berlarutan pula ke 5 April dan 7 April namun sehingga kini janji tinggal janji,” jelasnya.

Tambahnya, pekerja di bahagian operasi masih menjalankan tugas seperti biasa dan akan ke pejabat esok bagi membantu pelanggan Rayani Air yang berdepan masalah ekoran penggantungan operasi syarikat.

Sumber: Utusan Malaysia | Nasional | 10 Apr. 2016 | Terbitan 11 Apr. 2016

Rayani Air suspended for three months - DCA

PUTRAJAYA: The Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) today provisionally suspended Rayani Air's Air Operator Certificate (AOC) for three months effective Monday.

DCA Director-General Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said the suspension notice had been sent to Malaysia's first syariah-compliant airline today.

He said an inquiry on Rayani Air would be held on May 12 pertaining to the suspension order. The first syariah-compliant airline in Malaysia was launched three months ago.

"The suspension will be lifted if they fulfill all of our requirements or we can permanently suspend (Rayani Air) or take a longer time. Three months is provisional. We have discussed with the airline and they know about it. It's up to them to improve," he told a press conference here today.

Azharuddin said this was the first time an airline's AOC was suspended under Regulation 24 of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1996.

Azharuddin said DCA would ensure that all airlines which had been issued AOC fulfilled all the requirements under the Civil Aviation Regulations 1996.

"If they are unable to sustain their obligations to the regulations, then we will issue warnings as well as offer advice. If they are unable to fulfill the requirements, we can suspend (them)," he said.

Asked whether the suspension on Rayani Air would give a bad reputation to Malaysia's aviation industry, Azharuddin said DCA was just exercising its rights in accordance with the regulations.

"We cannot let the airline that has contravened our regulations to fly. We must do something about it," he said.

Rayani Air had suspended its operations on Friday until further notice, citing a strike by the pilots.

Rayani Air Sdn Bhd, a full service airline in Malaysia launched three months ago, is the first syariah-compliant airline in Malaysia and the fourth airline in the world after Royal Brunei Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines and Iran Air.

Rayani Air, in its Facebook posting, said customers could contact its call centre at +603-27214925 for further enquiries.

Source: Bernama | 11 Apr. 2016

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Rayani Air founder pleads with pilot to fly

PETALING JAYA: A screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation, uploaded onto social media, apparently reveals Rayani Air founder Ravi Alagendrran pleading with a pilot to fly for sake of the airline's staff.

The picture of the alleged conversation was shared by Ravi on his Facebook page on Saturday, after it had been posted by one of his Facebook friends.

In the apparent conversation, Ravi pleaded with the pilot to fly and asked him to consider the families of the 485 staff members whose salaries, he said, depended on the flights proceeding as scheduled.

"If passengers (are) stranded tomorrow, funders will pull out and 485 staff will suffer.

"Please, for the staff, do the flight and let me secure the investors tomorrow and get everybody's salary in by tomorrow," Ravi allegedly said.

"Captain, please, for the family of our staff, they have kids and babies and commitments, we can't do this to them," he added.

On Friday, it was reported that a pilot strike caused the airline to cancel a number of flights.

The following day, the airline announced that it would suspend operations effective immediately as part of the company's restructuring plan.

On Sunday, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai stated that the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) would issue a provisional suspension notice to Rayani Air on Monday.

He added that the DCA could revoke Rayani Air's licence but the airlines would be given "a chance to explain".

Source: The Star Online | Nation | 10 Apr. 2016

Rayani Air: DCA akan hantar notis penggantungan sementara pada Isnin

PUTRAJAYA: Jabatan Penerbangan Awam (DCA) akan menghantar notis penggantungan operasi sementara kepada Rayani Air pada Isnin selepas syarikat penerbangan itu mengumumkan penggantungan operasi mereka semalam, kata Menteri Pengangkutan Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

Beliau berkata penggantungan operasi syarikat itu juga akan berkuatkuasa pada tarikh yang sama dan menegaskan mana-mana syarikat penerbangan tidak sepatutnya mengantung operasi penerbangan mereka sendiri tanpa kebenaran DCA.

Semalam, Rayani Air, syarikat penerbangan patuh Syariah pertama Malaysia, telah menggantung operasinya sehingga diberi tahu kelak ekoran mogok juruterbang.

"Rayani Air akan digantung di bawah Peraturan 87 (1) Peraturan Penerbangan Awam 1996 dan proses audit akan di lakukan oleh DCA untuk memastikan syarikat itu layak untuk terus beroperasi," katanya kepada media selepas Majlis Sambutan Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan ke-70 tahun, di sini, hari ini.

Liow berkata, sekiranya Rayani Air gagal mematuhi syarat-syarat yang ditetapkan oleh DCA, syarikat tersebut bakal berdepan kemungkinan lesen pengoperasian penerbangan mereka ditarik balik oleh jabatan tersebut.

Dalam pada itu, Ketua Pengarah DCA Datuk Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman berkata audit akan dilakukan ke atas syarikat terbabit dan jabatan itu akan turut memberi ruang kepada Rayani Air bagi memberi penjelasan dan penerangan mengenai pengoperasian syarikat terbabit.

"Saya masih tidak dimaklumkan dengan lebih lanjut mengenai penggantungan operasi syarikat itu, dan untuk berlaku adil DCA akan berhubung dengan pihak Rayani Air mengenai masalah yang dihadapi mereka," katanya.

Beliau menambah, sekiranya mana-mana syarikat penerbangan mahu menggantung sesebuah laluan penerbangan, syarikat berkenaan perlu membuat permohonan selama enam bulan lebih awal kepada DCA.

Sementara itu, menyentuh mengenai kenaikan yuran 10 kali ganda yang dikenakan DCA ke atas syarikat penerbangan mulai 15 April 2016, Liow berkata kenaikan itu adalah setimpal memandangkan sejak lebih 40 tahun lepas, caj tersebut tidak pernah dinaikkan.

"Bagi kementerian, kenaikan tersebut adalah munasabah memandangkan DCA telah meningkatkan keupayaan dari segi teknologi untuk kawalan lalu lintas pesawat serta peningkatan kawalan pemeriksaan keselamatan ke atas kapal terbang dan lapangan terbang," katanya.

Beliau berkata caj yang dikenakan DCA juga masih antara yang terendah jika dibandingkan harga di sekitar lapangan terbang di rantau ini.

Mengenai perkembangan pencarian MH370, Liow berkata, satu serpihan yang ditemui dipercayai daripada pesawat MH370 ditemui di Pulau Rodrigues, Mauritius baru-baru ini akan dihantar pulang ke Malaysia hari ini.

"Sekiranya ada keperluan, serpihan terbabit akan dihantar ke Australia untuk dianalisis dengan lebih terperinci," katanya.

Pada 3 April lalu, pakar Kumpulan Bebas (IG) MH370 Don Thompson berkata satu serpihan dipercayai daripada dalam kabin pesawat Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Penerbangan MH370 telah ditemui di sebuah pulau di Mauritius, timur Afrika.

Pada 8 Mac 2014, pesawat Boeing 777-200ER milik MAS membawa 239 penumpang dan anak kapal yang dalam perjalanan ke Beijing dilaporkan hilang daripada radar selepas kira-kira 49 minit berlepas dari Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa KL pada 12.41 tengah malam.

Sumber: Bernama | 10 Apr. 2016

Siapa yang luluskan operasi Rayani Air?

KUALA LUMPUR: Penggantungan operasi syarikat penerbangan, Rayani Air yang disifatkan sebagai tidak mengikut protokol industri penerbangan menimbulkan persoalan mengapa ia boleh berlaku di Malaysia.

"Secara dasarnya mengapa operasi Rayani Air boleh jadi macam ini, macam syarikat 'cowboy'? Siapa yang meluluskan operasi syarikat ini dahulu.

"Kalau operasinya diluluskan oleh Kementerian Pengangkutan, adakah kementerian ini sudah menjalankan kajian menyeluruh dan lengkap kepada syarikat pengendali Rayani Air.

"Adakah Kementerian Pengangkutan melihat keupayaan kewangan, jumlah pesawat, laluan, dan akauntabiliti serta kebenaran penggunaan konotasi agama.

"Kalaulah keupayaan kewangan syarikat ini kukuh mengapa timbul masalah-masalah seumpama ini ," kata Presiden Persatuan Pengguna Subang dan Shah Alam, Datuk Jacob George.

Beliau memberi reaksi demikian ketika mengulas rungutan pengguna yang telah membeli tiket penerbangan Rayani Air tetapi tidak dapat menggunakan perkhidmatan tersebut kerana operasinya digantung.

Rayani Air dalam notis dalaman memaklumkan penggantungan syarikat itu bagi menstruktur semula operasinya.

Sehubungan itu, siasatan menyeluruh dicadangkan dilakukan untuk memastikan 'lampu hijau' yang diberikan kepada Rayani Air itu dahulu dibuat tanpa berlaku amalan salah guna kuasa atau penyelewengan.

Langkah itu penting kerana syarikat penerbangan ini sudah cukup menyusahkan penumpang dan sekarang penumpang pula tertanya-tanya 'nasib' wang yang digunakan untuk membeli tiket.

George menyifatkan penutupan Rayani Air itu sebagai kejadian yang memalukan Malaysia setelah seluruh dunia memperkatakan industri penerbangan negara selepas insiden kehilangan pesawat MH370, nahas MH17 di Ukraine dan kemalangan AirAsia di Indonesia.

Sumber: MalaysiaGazette | | 10 Apr. 2016

Juruterbang Rayani Air mogok kerana tidak dapat gaji

KUALA LUMPUR: Juruterbang-juruterbang Rayani Air dipercayai melancarkan mogok kerana tidak mendapat gaji sejak tiga bulan lalu.

Masalah itu dilaporkan berlaku kerana syarikat penerbangan swasta itu dilaporkan mengalami masalah kewangan.

"Rayani Air tidak mempunyai tunai yang mencukupi untuk beroperasi sehingga menjejaskan gaji juruterbang syarikat itu," kata sumber dalaman kepada MalaysiaGazette.

Pembatalan penerbangan itu didakwa disampaikan melalui mesej kepada para penumpang,

Semalam dalam satu notis dalaman, pengasas Rayani Air, Ravi Alagendrra memaklumkan operasi syarikat itu digantung sementara berkuat kuasa semalam bagi pelan penstrukturan semula syarikat.

Notis ringkas itu juga memaklumkan semua bayaran balik tempahan penumpang dan sebarang pertanyaan diminta dikemukakan kepada atau pusat panggilan ditalian 603-27214925.

Rayani Air mendapat perhatian apabila para penumpang melahirkan rasa tidak puas hati kerana kerap kali menangguh atau membatalkan penerbangan.

Pada kejadian awal Februari lalu, sebuah pesawat Rayani Air terkandas di Langkawi selepas cermin kokpit retak mengakibatkan 200 penumpang terkandas.

Ekoran insiden itu, Rayani Air melakukan siasatan bagi memastikan sama ada pesawat berkenaan disabotaj atau sebaliknya kerana pesawat Boeing 737 itu disahkan tidak mengalami masalah teknikal sebelum itu.

Difahamkan juga keputusan untuk menggantung operasi dibuat oleh pengurusan Rayani Air sendiri dan ia tidak ada kaitan dengan kesalahan-kesalahan di bawah Jabatan Penerbangan Awam

Sumber: MalaysiaGazette | | 9 Apr. 2016

Rayani Air diberi amaran ketiga

Rayani Air gagal urus operasi dan perkhidmatan kepada penumpang. 

Syarikat penerbangan Rayani Air menggantung operasinya serta-merta.
KUALA LUMPUR: Kementerian Pengangkutan menerusi Jabatan Penerba­ngan Awam (DCA) akan memberi surat amaran ketiga kepada syarikat penerbangan Rayani Air hari ini berikutan kegagalan syarikat itu dalam menguruskan operasi dan perkhidmatannya kepada penumpang.

Menteri Pengangkutan, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai berkata, syarikat penerbangan itu juga bakal berhadapan dengan penggantungan operasi jika masih lagi mempunyai isu yang membabitkan perkhidmatan mereka selepas ini.

Jelasnya, Suruhanjaya Penerbangan sudah diarahkan untuk meneliti isu ini bersama-sama DCA dan tindakan selanjutnya akan diambil.

“Sebelum ini, dua surat amaran sudah diberi kepada Rayani Air, namun mereka didapati masih mengulanginya. Kementerian tidak akan teragak-agak untuk mengambil tindakan sewajarnya kepada mereka.

“Hari ini, DCA akan mengeluarkan surat amaran ketiga dan jika mereka masih mengulanginya, operasi syarikat itu akan digantung,” katanya kepada Mingguan Malaysia ketika dihubungi di sini hari ini.

Beliau mengulas mengenai mutu perkhidmatan Rayani Air yang sekali lagi dipertikaikan orang ramai semalam apabila membatalkan keseluruhan penerbangannya gara-gara masalah yang didakwa melibatkan kegagalan membayar gaji pe­kerja.

Mengulas lanjut Tiong Lai berkata, kementeriannya amat mengambil berat masalah yang dihadapi oleh orang ramai terutama pelanggan-pelanggan Rayani Air yang terpaksa berhadapan dengan pemba­talan atau kelewatan penerbangan.

Katanya, perkara itu adalah isu yang amat serius dan perlu ditangani segera oleh syarikat itu sekiranya ingin terus beroperasi.

Sementara itu pemilik Rayani Air, A. Ravi dalam sepucuk e-mel kepada kakitangan memaklumkan syarikat itu telah menggantung operasinya berkuatkuasa, semalam bagi rancangan perstrukturan semula perkhidmatannya.

“Adalah dimaklumkan kami telah menggantung operasi kami serta-merta sehingga tempoh yang akan diberitahu kelak. Ini sebahagian daripada rancangan perstrukturan semula perkhidmatan kami. Anda boleh mengarahkan kakita­ngan anda untuk menutup operasi dan menghitung semula aset syarikat,” katanya dalam e-mel tersebut.

Ravi turut memaklumkan penggantungan itu sehingga tempoh yang akan dimaklumkan kelak.

Semua bayaran balik dan pertanyaan berkaitan dengan penum­pang yang telah ditempah awal, perlu dipanjangkan kepada atau hubungi pusat panggilan di +603-27214925 (beroperasi setiap hari dari pukul 9 pagi sehingga 6 petang),” kata beliau.

Ravi turut mengesahkan Ra­yani Air terpaksa membatalkan beberapa penerbangannya berikutan mogok yang dilancarkan juruterbangnya pada Jumaat.

Sumber: Utusan Malaysia | Nasional | 9 Apr. 2016 | Terbitan 10 Apr. 2016

Saturday, April 9, 2016

9 jam menunggu Rayani Air batal penerbangan

SEBAHAGIAN daripada penumpang terpaksa menunggu lebih sembilan jam sebelum dimaklumkan pesawat Rayani Air membatalkan kesemua penerbangannya di klia2, Sepang, Selangor, semalam. GAMBAR IHSAN DEIDRE JUSTIN
KUALA LUMPUR: Mutu perkhidmatan Rayani Air sekali lagi dipertikai apabila membatalkan keseluruhan penerbangannya gara-gara masalah yang didakwa melibatkan kegagalan membayar gaji pekerja.

Sumber dalaman yang enggan dikenali mendakwa, masalah sama pernah berlaku pada November lalu dan kebanyakan pekerja hanya mendapat bayaran gaji lewat sebulan daripada biasa.

Ramai pekerja yang sudah tidak tahan kerana pihak majikan berjanji untuk membayar gaji pada 28 Mac lalu tetapi sehingga hari ini masih tiada bayaran dibuat selepas memungkiri janji sama pada 1, 5 dan 7 April.

Apa yang dilihat hari ini banyak pekerja termasuk juruterbang me­ninggalkan tugas masing-masing dan ini telah menyebabkan ke­se­mua penerbangan Rayani Air terpaksa dibatalkan serta-merta,” katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia ketika dihubungi, di sini hari ini.

Utusan Malaysia difahamkan kebanyakan penumpang tidak berpuas hati apabila penerbangan mereka antaranya ke Kuching, Pulau Langkawi, Kota Kinabalu serta Kota Bharu dibatalkan dan dibiarkan menunggu sehingga pukul 5 petang sebelum memaklumkan apa yang berlaku.

Rayani Air akhir-akhir ini mene­rima banyak aduan daripada orang ramai berikutan kelemahan operasi syarikatnya terutama membabitkan kekerapan penundaan dan pembata­lan pener­bangan.

Pada Mac lalu, Menteri Pengangkutan, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai pernah memberitahu bahawa Rayani Air berdepan tindakan digantung operasi jika syarikat penerbangan itu gagal mematuhi garis panduan ditetapkan Kementerian Pengangkutan dan Jabatan Penerbangan Awam (DCA).

Salah seorang penumpang, Deidre Justin, 26, berkata, dia kecewa dengan syarikat penerbangan itu kerana didakwa menyusahkan pelanggan yang terpaksa menunggu lama di Terminal KLIA 2.

“Penerbangan saya sepatutnya berlepas pada pukul 7.45 pagi me­nuju ke Kota Kinabalu dan selepas ia dibatalkan, saya mendapat bayaran balik tetapi terpaksa me­nunggu selama sembilan jam.

“Tambah menyakitkan hati, saya terpaksa berkejar ke Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) untuk membeli tiket baharu yang sudah pasti harganya melam­bung tinggi. Bayaran tambahan saya perlu tanggung sendiri,” ujar­nya.

Katanya lagi, seorang rakannya terpaksa ditinggalkan kerana tidak cukup wang untuk membeli tiket baharu.

Seorang penumpang tidak mahu dikenali mendakwa, ini kali kedua dia menggunakan perkhidmatan Rayani Air tetapi tidak menjangka perkara tersebut berlaku.

Sumber: Utusan Malaysia | Nasional | 8 Apr. 2016 | Terbitan 9 Apr. 2016

Transport Ministry to meet Aviation Commission over Rayani Air passenger rights

JOHOR BAHRU: The Transport Ministry will meet with the Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAC) to discuss passengers’ rights following the suspension of operations of syariah-compliant airline Rayani Air.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai (pic) said all matters related to passengers’ rights, including compensation, inconvenience and related matters faced by them following the suspension, would be referred to the MAC.

“We have given them (Rayani Air) warnings to beef up their operations following complaints by their customers and the decision by the airline to suspend their operations shows that we are serious,” said Liow.

Rayani Air announced on Saturday that it had suspended operations with immediate effect.

The company’s owner, Ravi Alagendrran, told mStar Online (The Star's Malay language news portal) that the suspension would last for a period that will be announced at a later time.

Source: The Star Online | Nation | 9 Apr. 2016

Rayani Air suspends operations with immediate effect

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia’s first syariah-compliant airline Rayani Air has suspended operations effective immediately.

The company’s owner, Ravi Alagendrran, told mStar Online (The Star’s Malay language news portal) on Saturday morning that the suspension would last for a period that will be announced at a later time.

“Pleased be informed that we have suspended operations effective immediately on 8 April 2016 until further notice

“This is part of a company restructuring plan. We will be operational again once after carrying out the restructuring,” he told the portal via text message.

According to Ravi, company officers had also been given the same information via email.

Based on the email, Ravi requested his officers to order their respective divisions to cease operations and to “recalculate the company’s assets”.

“All refunds and questions concerning passengers who have made early bookings, should be extended to or through the customer service call centre at +603-27214925 (operational everyday from 9am till 6pm),” said Ravi.

mStar had tried to get confirmation from Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) chief Datuk Seri Azharuddin Abdul Rahman regarding the suspension, however, so far, attempts to contact him have been unsuccessful.

Ravi also confirmed that Rayani Air was forced to cancel flights following a strike organised by its pilots.

It was reported that the move by the pilots to strike, had caused a number of Rayani Air flights to be cancelled.

The situation became more complicated when passengers became unsatisfied when they were told about the cancellation only a few hours before their flights were scheduled to depart.At least three flights from Kuala Lumpur (to Langakwi, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching) on Friday were cancelled.

Source: The Star Online | Nation | 9 Apr. 2016

Kementerian Pengangkutan jumpa MAC berhubung hak penumpang Rayani Air

Liow Tiong Lai.
JOHOR BAHRU: Kementerian Pengangkutan akan bertemu dengan Suruhanjaya Penerbangan Malaysia (MAC) bagi membincangkan mengenai hak penumpang berikutan penggantungan operasi syarikat penerbangan patuh syariah pertama Malaysia, Rayani Air.

Menterinya, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai berkata kesemua perkara berkaitan hak penumpang termasuk pampasan, kesulitan dan perkara berkaitan yang mereka hadapi berikutan penggantungan tersebut akan dirujuk kepada MAC.

"Kami memberi mereka (Rayani Air) amaran untuk meningkatkan operasi berikutan aduan oleh pelanggan dan keputusan syarikat penerbangan itu menggantung operasi mereka menunjukkan kami serius," kata Liow.

Rayani Air pada Sabtu mengumumkan menggantung operasinya berkuat kuasa serta-merta.

Pemilik syarikat penerbangan itu, Ravi Alagendrran memberitahu mStar Online pada pagi Sabtu, penggantungan itu sehingga tempoh yang akan dimaklumkan kemudian. 

Sumber: mStar Online | 9 Apr. 2016

Rayani Air gantung operasi serta-merta

PETALING JAYA: Syarikat penerbangan patuh syariah pertama Malaysia, Rayani Air menggantung operasinya berkuat kuasa serta-merta.

Pemilik syarikat penerbangan itu, Ravi Alagendrran memberitahu mStar Online pada pagi Sabtu, penggantungan itu sehingga tempoh yang akan dimaklumkan kemudian.

"Ingin dimaklumkan bahawa kita telah menggantung operasi berkuat kuasa serta-merta pada 8 April 2016 sehingga dimaklumkan kemudian.

"Ia adalah sebahagian daripada pelan penstrukturan semula syarikat. Kita akan beroperasi semula selepas melakukan penstrukturan semula," katanya menerusi khidmat pesanan ringkas kepada portal berita ini.

Menurut Ravi, pihaknya telah memaklumkan perkara sama kepada pegawai syarikat berkenaan menerusi emel.

Berdasarkan emel itu, Ravi meminta pegawainya supaya mengarahkan bahagian masing-masing menghentikan operasi dan 'mengira semula aset syarikat'.

"Semua bayaran balik dan pertanyaan berkaitan dengan penumpang yang telah ditempah awal, perlu dipanjangkan kepada atau hubungi pusat panggilan di +603-27214925 (beroperasi setiap hari dari pukul 9 pagi sehingga 6 petang)," ujar Ravi.

mStar Online cuba mendapatkan pengesahan daripada Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Penerbangan Awam (DCA), Datuk Seri Azharuddin Abdul Rahman berkaitan penggantungan itu, tetapi masih tidak dapat dihubungi setakat ini.

Dalam pada itu, Ravi turut mengesahkan bahawa Rayani Air terpaksa membatalkan penerbangannya berikutan mogok yang dilancarkan juruterbangnya.

Dilaporkan, tindakan mogok juruterbang telah menyebabkan beberapa penerbangan Rayani Air dibatalkan.

Keadaan bertambah rumit apabila penumpang tidak berpuas hati kerana hanya diberitahu mengenai pembatalan itu beberapa jam sebelum penerbangan dijadualkan berlepas.

Sekurang-kurangnya tiga penerbangan dari Kuala Lumpur yang dijadualkan terbang ke Langkawi (RN182), Kota Kinabalu (RN130) dan Kuching (RN154) pada Jumaat telah dibatalkan, berdasarkan posting di media sosial yang dibuat penumpang yang tidak berpuas hati.

SumbermStar Online | 9 Apr. 2016

Juruterbang mogok, Rayani Air batal semua penerbangan

PETALING JAYA: Juruterbang mogok telah menyebabkan beberapa penerbangan Rayani Air dibatalkan, menurut penumpang yang diberitahu tentang pembatalan itu beberapa jam sebelum masa penerbangan.

Sekurang-kurangnya tiga penerbangan dari Kuala Lumpur yang dijadualkan terbang ke Langkawi (RN182), Kota Kinabalu (RN130) dan Kuching (RN154) pada Jumaat telah dibatalkan, berdasarkan posting di media sosial yang dibuat oleh penumpang yang tidak berpuas hati.

Siti Nadwatul Shima Nor, 24, berkata penerbangannya ke Langkawi telah dijadualkan semula sebanyak tiga kali sebelum menerima teks akhir pembatalan.

Pada mulanya teks itu memaklumkan kepada beliau tentang 'penjadualan semula' penerbangan sebelum beliau menerima teks menyatakan tentang 'mogok juruterbang' dan 'keperluan operasi' sebagai sebab-sebab pembatalan.

"Semalam, pusat panggilan mereka sendiri telah menghubungi saya untuk mengingatkan tentang penerbangan itu hari ini adalah mengikut jadual tetapi akhirnya dibatalkan," katanya.

Siti Nadwatul telah membeli tiket penerbangan pada 3 Februari untuk melawat Langkawi bersama 10 anggota keluarganya termasuk bapanya yang berkerusi roda kerana mengalami masalah buah pinggang.

"Ia sepatutnya menjadi percutian yang menyenangkan tetapi kini menjadi begitu kelam-kabut. Saya tidak dapat membeli tiket penerbangan baharu kerana kos yang tinggi.

"Saya tidak mempunyai pilihan melainkan mengajak ahli keluarga saya naik bas dan membeli tiket feri ke Langkawi," katanya kepada The Star.

Pegawai kerajaan itu juga tidak berani untuk bergantung kepada tiket pulang Rayani Air dan terpaksa menempah tiket penerbangan pulang melalui penerbangan lain. "Ini satu tekanan, memakan masa dan membazirkan wang," katanya.

Ejen hartanah Des Jr Lee, 31, sepatutnya terbang ke Kota Kinabalu dengan tunangnya pada pukul 7.45 pagi Jumaat tetapi menerima teks memaklumkan tentang pembatalan itu pada pukul 3 pagi.

Penumpang berusia 31 tahun itu terpaksa mengeluarkan RM1,000 untuk membeli dua tiket baharu daripada dua syarikat penerbangan yang berbeza untuk membolehkan pasangan itu terbang ke Kota Kinabalu.

"Walaupun komunikasi terhad antara staf bawahan dan pegawai atasan mereka, mereka telah melakukan yang terbaik untuk menangani keadaan. "Saya juga mendapat bayaran balik tunai sebanyak RM396," katanya.

Ketika dihubungi, seorang jurucakap Rayani Air berkata dia tidak diberi kuasa untuk mengulas mengenai perkara itu, sebaliknya meminta pengasas syarikat penerbangan itu dihubungi.

Walau bagaimanapun, panggilan kepada pengasasnya Ravi Alagendrran masuk ke peti rakaman suara.

Sumber: mStar Online | 8 Apr. 2016

Pilot strike causes Rayani Air flight cancellations

PETALING JAYA: A pilot strike has caused the cancellation of certain Rayani Air flights, according to several customers who were informed about it several hours before flight time.

At least three flights from Kuala Lumpur – scheduled to fly to Langkawi (RN182), Kota Kinabalu (RN130) and Kuching (RN154) on Friday – were cancelled, according to posts on social media by unhappy customers.

Siti Nadwatul Shima Nor, 24, said her flight to Langkawi was rescheduled three times before it was finally cancelled.

The texts initially told her of a "re-timed" flight, before she received more texts citing a "pilot strike" and "operational requirement" informing her of the cancellation.

"Their call centre even contacted me today to remind me that the flight was on as scheduled – but it ended up being cancelled," she said.

Siti Nadwatul and 10 of her family members – including her wheelchair-bound father – had booked tickets on Feb 3 for a trip to Langkawi.

"I don't have a choice but to take my family members on a bus and buy us ferry tickets to Langkawi," she told The Star.

Siti Nadwatul said she would not be using her Rayani Air return ticket for the trip back to Kuala Lumpur, and had booked return flight tickets from another airline. "This is so stressful, time-consuming and a waste of money," she said.

Real estate agent Des Jr Lee, who was supposed to fly to Kota Kinabalu with his fiancé at 7.45am on Friday, received a text informing him of the cancellation at 3am due to "pilots on strike".

The 31-year-old had to fork out RM1,000 for two new tickets from two different airlines for the couple's trip to Kota Kinabalu.

After seeing his fiancé off on an earlier 6pm flight Thursday, he had to stay the night at the airport for his flight at 6.30am Friday.

"Despite the minimal communication between ground staff and their superiors, they did their best to handle the situation. "I also got a cash refund of RM396," Lee said.

When contacted, a Rayani Air spokesperson said she was not authorised to comment on the matter and asked to contact the airline founder instead. However, calls to founder Ravi Alagendrran went to voicemail.

Source: The Star Online | Nation | 8 Apr. 2016

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Sky-high DCA fees, airlines to pay up to 10 times present rate

Heavy fees: Planes from various airlines on the KLIA tarmac. DCA fees to go up by 1,000 come April 15. – Bernama
PETALING JAYA: Airlines operating out of Malaysia will be expected to pay up to ten times more in fees charged by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCA) effective April 15.

The increase in fees for everything from the usage of air space, air traffic facilities and other services to the air operator’s certificate (AOC) and the pilot’s flight licence will see a big increase under a review of fees and charges made by the DCA after 40 years.

Some airlines are surprised with the high fees, as they thought it was still at a proposal stage when they were briefed by DCA officials last Friday, but it is learnt that the DCA wants to start charging the new fees next week.

The rise would lead up to a ten-fold increase in airlines’ monthly air navigation flight charges (ANFC), which forms the biggest cost item for the usage of DCA services.

Under the revised fee, the bigger the aircraft, the more the cost, and even the smaller jets, cargo planes and helicopters have not been spared.

This will certainly eat into the airlines’ bottomlines and potentially lead to higher airfares. Airlines may also impose miscellaneous charges in a bid to pass on the higher cost to travellers.

“The rise is too drastic and too fast,” said an airline executive.

He said the worst hit by this new charges would be airlines like AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines and Malindo Air that have several hundred domestic flights per week. These airlines did not respond to queries from StarBiz.

Based on the briefing given to the airlines, the ANFC charges will rise from five sen per nautical mile now to 50 sen for lightweight aircraft. For the bigger birds (the A320/A330 and B737/B777), the cost will rise from RM1-RM2.50 per nautical mile from 10-25 sen now, and the super jumbo A380 will see charges swelling to RM3 from 30 sen now. The minimum charges will be raised from RM5 to RM50 per nautical mile.

As for the AOC, which is a vital document for airlines to fly, the initial approval fees will balloon to RM80,000 yearly from RM400 now for mid-sized aircraft, and yearly renewals will rise from RM400 to RM30,000.

Pilots who have to be licensed to fly will have to fork out RM500 for their initial flight crew licence and RM300 for yearly renewals from RM100 and RM60 now.

“If an airline is paying RM120,000 a month now in ANFC fees, its bill will rise to RM1.2mil a month depending on aircraft type and frequency.

“Similarly, flights to East Malaysia, a high-frequency route, will cost airlines more from a mere RM160-RM176 for 800 nautical miles now for the KL-to-Kota Kinabalu route to RM1,600-RM1,760 when the new charges come into effect, although it depends on aircraft type and frequency,” said an airline executive.

Some airlines are unhappy with the new charges, but DCA director-general Datuk Seri Azharuddin Abdul Rahman when contacted by StarBiz yesterday said “they have to understand that our expenses for delivery of services is going up as well. We have to upgrade our systems, maintain and replace them as we want to give them the best.

“Hence, we have to charge a bit. In any case, there has not been a revision in the pricing since 1970 and it costs us money to provide the services,” he said.

But some airlines feel that they are already spending a lot to bring tourists into the country.

“This new fees will make us less competitive. The fees are higher than that of Singapore and even Thailand, and we cannot compare the new pricing with that of Australia and New Zealand, as there they are much more efficient,” said another airline executive.

He added that “while we agree to a certain percentage rise, it cannot be 1,000%. The DCA will need to review its rates”.

Azharuddin said: “If you look at the statistics, we are still the lowest in the world, and even if we increase the fees, it will still be lower compared to some other countries in this region.”

He said the DCA had spent RM1.41bil to build infrastructure and systems to deliver an efficient air traffic management system. The new KL air traffic control centre (ATCC), expected to be operational by 2018/2019, is costing the DCA RM650mil, he said.

For future upgrades, the DCA needs about RM550mil to upgrade the new Kota Kinabalu ATCC and for other system upgrades elsewhere in the country.

“Yearly, we are spending about RM125mil just on maintenance, and that is why we need to raise our rates. We are essentially building a new ATCC for the benefit of the airlines,” Azharuddin added.
Source: The Star | Business | 6 April 2016